Welcome to KIND.SIR 

The KIND.SIR story is one born out of love; love of the handmade, love of slow living, the art of gift giving and most importantly, the love of people and the world we live in.

Founded in November, 2014 by sweethearts Mark & Stacey, KIND.SIR specialises in personalised leather accessories & luggage tags made for love and adventure & most importantly, made to last. 

We say a big yes to bringing back the art of gift giving.  We want you to experience how easy it can be to choose something handcrafted and personal when it comes to gift giving.  Discover a friendly and inspired shopping experience that is helpful above all else.  With gift ideas, quote inspiration and timeless, quality products to choose from, the KIND.SIR store was designed with you in mind. 

To love & adventure.


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